So, you're in. That was easier than I thought. I assumed you would have been raped like a
wild rabid weasel in my shiny new yacht. But alas, I have no yacht, and moreso, I
have no wild rabid weasels in said yacht, or anywhere else for that matter.

Ok so anyway, this is me, as much of me as you may know, or think you might know...
some pix for all you people that always ask, because of course my yahoo profile pix aren't always enough.
So yeah this is me. Like it or Get The Fuck Out!

Ok well first things first. Most, if not all, of you know me as Ashlie, Ash, Spid, Spid Mark, etc. Fact is, my name is a bit confusing for most people. See, the whole thing is Angelina Ashlie Louise Neveau Renfro . My last name as of now, which is Campanelli is an adopted name from my little brother's dad. Long story of why exactly I go by the name "Ashlie" so ask me sometime.

Ok so back to whatever i was saying...I was born in Carson City, Nevada on March 31st, 1984. That would make me, um...20,yeah. I'm about 5'7". My mom thinks im taller than that, but I think that's cuz she only sees me with shoes on, well recently anyway. They do make me seem a bit taller, not that I'm prancing around in platforms all day, which I would NEVER do! Hmm lets see... I have green eyes,but people tell me they change colors when I get mad. But I haven't been mad lately, moreso just bored, so I couldn't tell ya what color they change to...Well as of now I have short, dark brown hair. If you saw me more than a month ago, I would have had long blonde hair. Sudden random changes are always fun, so I hacked it off, then dyed it closer to my natural hair color. Blondes don't always have that much fun, especially when you're a brunette with blonde hair.I swear if I hear a Shakira remark one more time I'm gonna scream.

I don't remember what else I was gonna write in here. Oh maybe some random hobbies...well I skateboard, old school boards mostly, I can't do any tricks or anything so that's worked best for me. I read a lot of horror books. They rock dude, like WAY more than movies made from books. Been reading The Hot Zone,it's about the ebola virus and how it spread from Africa to here... MAN it's freaky but it rocks! I play on the computer of course, but it's getting REALLY boring really fast, maybe that's what brought me back to this. Ok well I LOVE the simpsons! Can never have enough of em. I also watch other random cartoons: Family Guy, Futurama, Home Movies, King of the Hill...etc. Just a few I watch just about every day.

Well as for music, I like a lot of "punk rock" as most people call it, but I'm not so much punk as I am rock. Rancid's an old favorite of mine,Green Day Rox, probably been a fan of theirs longer than any other band that I have come across, besides Billy Idol of course. Been listening to a lot of Cold lately, but not the new stuff as much as the old stuff. The Offspring are still good. Modest Mouse is out with some new good music, they've always been prety good, that Franz Ferdinand guy has got a great voice and has music that reminds me of The Strokes who are great also. Dead Eye Dick is a random band I came across that no one has heard of, but they're a cool 90's band. I've been into Puddle of Mudd lately cuz their songs seem to cheer me up a bit. That Walkie Talkie Man song by Stereogram OMG its hilarious...ya gotta see the video. Into Bad Religion's music, before this last record, which sux ass. Sell outs I swear. Music is for music, not for money guys...

Lets see, I live in Hell!! Freakin Arizona dude. It gets up to 130 degrees in the summer. 120 in the shade, if that aint some shit I swear. Too hot most of the time to even go swimming. Been tryin to get a tan, but never works, usually I get a really bad sunburn and it peels off leavin me whiter than I was before. Vicious cycle.

Hmm... I work for the Infamous Don Lapre ,The Infomercial Guru, I used to work for Surfnet Media AKA Satan's online Radio... Ya figure, they have to start eliminating departments to get enough money to pay people, but they STILL, after 6 years, have to borrow hella money from investors, and then the COO (chief officer of operations), James Nova, gets Indicted for fraud?!?! Kinda glad they didnt want me workin for them... But now I just book tv shows. Oh the joys of media...

Well I think that's enough for now. If I think of anything else, I'll shove it in here someplace.
As for pix of me,Here ya go.

Have a field day, I'm off to find the wizard and wrestle miniature aligators in chocolate pudding.
Spiderman rox! *waves at screen*

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